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Research Reactor name issue

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I always got confused when I hear "Research Reactor" name... It is very missguiding and IMO doesn't do very good work to describe the building it is assigned to.

It has nothing to do with research (except you need research it first, like all other buildings). When I hear "Research" in the name, I think of Research Center buildings and I always think at first that it is the name of the Atomic Colider building.

I would suggest to change this name to something less confusing, like:

  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Atomic Reactor
  • Radiation Generator
  • Steaming Reactor
  • High Energy Reactor
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"Research Reactor" is a name of the fattest building in the game, like 6x6 tiles, devouring huge calories of uranium and farting with face-melting steam.

Yeah, probably we are talking about the same thing ;)

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