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Does anybody know what are the items on the care package and at what cycle some more appears?

I recall pacus x8 were a thing. Shove eggs x3 after cycle 24 were a thing too. Pips, acorn seed as well. Seems all is different, anybody has a list?

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1 hour ago, MiniDeathStar said:

Pips, acorns and 8 pacus are all in the DLC care packages. I have never seen shove voles though. I have also seen 2 sweetle eggs, a single live baby sweetle, and I don't remember if I have seen bog bucket seeds.

In the DLC, most plants/critters only arrive in care packages if they've been seen in the wild.  Shove voles will appear if you play on a modded asteroid that has them, for example.  Although without regolith to feed them, you can really only starvation ranch them.

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