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Hi everyone!

I just found out about Griftlands and I thought it is worth to start this discussion here. I hope this is the right place.

Let me introduce myself first. I am totally blind drummer, singer, sound designer and voice actor. I am also an accessibility consultant in games.

I worked with some developers before testing, giving suggestions and feedback helping with accessibility for the blind players.

I believe Griftlands could be fully accessible for the blind people as I saw (and played) few games similar to that with full accessibility like Slay the spire for example which you can play being fully blind.

I know many ways / solutions how to do that so I am really interested what do you think about this idea.

Thank you for reading!

Take care and stay safe



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Imagine if you play the game, and instead of speaking alien gibberish, they starts talking in text to speech instead.

(Actually, it may or may not be possible if you somehow hookup an external TTS engine, and have it scan the highlighted UI element for text. Not sure how it's doable)

Also, what is this setting for Slay the Spire you're talking about? Surely it's not vanilla?

I found a mod called "Say the Spire",, which does the thing but is in beta.

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Basically this mod adds screen readers support for the Slay the spire when using a gamepad with some extra functionality which is super helpful to check the map or the other stuff like statuses etc.


I've no idea how Griftlands plays like but if it could be controlled with a controlled and there would be some extra text (descriptions) I can imagine that could be fully accessible.

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