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  1. Rook's "client" clearly wants the "thang" from the mud, and most likely they are also interested in supressing the bogger cult, whereas the struggle between Spark Barons and Rise doesn't really interest them one way or another. I highly suspect this client has strong ties to the Cult of Hesh. (protecting the good name of the CoH comes up as secondary objective in two of his main quests). The CoH is inching towards open warfare with the Spark Barons, but probably has no sympathies for the Rise either, as they threaten the current order of Deltrean society, in which the CoH is firmly invested. The cliff hanger aspect in Rook's campaign is stronger than with the other two characters, but if you follow their outro to the end, they ultimately also move on towards a further overarching goal. I assume the three will continue their journey in a part 2, that focuses more on interactions between CoH and probably Rentoria in and around Supplicant City, the Derricks and Dockertown.
  2. I love it. Complexity is a bit hard to measure. Finishing the narrative campaign at low prestige levels isn't too hard and should be, about 20 hours of fun. If you then decide to try at higher difficulty levels it will take more time, but then you are already hooked anyway and won't mind.
  3. Obviously Krog got his coin originally from Pengemunt. Don't ask me how or why. P. says it right there: "This one has a familiar weight". I am not 100% sure, but I think he says something different when Rook gives him his starting Spare Coin. On the other hand Krog could well be an Admirality veteran himself. They must have cooks somewhere, and I doubt the Jakes in Murderbay have qualms about recruiting or at least accepting veterans. Officially they are an illegal organisation, but they stand guard in half the establishments around New Deltree, while the other half is guarded by off-duty Admiralty. From all the jobs offered to Sal by Admiralty, there is only a single one, that let's her chose whether she wants to patrol suspected Spree or suspected Jakes activities, so it's an easy guess, that these two organisations play it really cool between them. It could also both be true, if Krog served in the Admiralty and then traded his OG coin with P., just like Rook does.
  4. A, so it's Nup I haven't met yet, probably due to RNGesus unknowable will. With Grim, I am confused. I finished Smith's storyline several times by now, and he is still blacked out.
  5. Missing Persons: Out of curiosity, my compendium tells me I haven't met two persons yet: a Spree captain, whose name starts either with No... or with Ob... Och... Od.. Of... or Og.. and a Bilebroker, who's name seems to start most likely with either Gre... or Gri... Who are they? Are they even in the game, and it is just the weirdness of random chance, that I never met them?
  6. Oh... yeah, I heard that one. I will let myself out.
  7. What is STS? I googled for STS game and only found SlappyTehShrub. Do you mean that one? Never heard of it before. Is it that good, that it's worthy as a reference?
  8. I haven't bothered with machinist, yet. if you can use items to deal damage and still get "counterplay" these two achievements massively overlap. Kevin should definitely change the requirements for "counterplay" to: "Defeat a boss only using maneuver cards". Less confusing and a clearer destinction between the achievements. No, I got the achievement now, and I am pretty sure it really refers to orange cards. My confusion came from the difference between "attacks" and "attack cards". "Attacks" are all cards that show actual damage numbers on top, be they orange, purple or pink, while "attack cards" are all orange cards. "Attacks" trigger counter attacks and can be buffed/debuffed by Impair, Power, Adrenaline, Wounds, King Hit, etc., but they are a type of action in battle, while "attack cards" are a card type, even if they only apply a debuff.
  9. Well, from what we know about Rook's mysterious secret client.... they have access to low-level Admirality clerks and Civilians as minions, but very much prefer to sacrifice them over keeping them alive as potential witness (remember the head priest in the Hesh hideout in Sal's campaign first reaction?), they order hits to preserve the reputation of the Cult of Hesh, and they ultimatively send Rook as an assassin to take out a Bog high priest and an incarnation of the Bog itself. Oh, and their hiring practice is clumsy enough to lead a number of former associates of Rook, among them Gorgula, on Rooks trail. Sounds all a lot like a faction within the Cult of Hesh to me. Rooks very secular demeanor may indicate otherwise, but deception is very much key part of his skill sets. He definitely once worked overtly for Aerostat, as his uniform and coin clearly shows, but it's unlikely he is still on the payroll, and from Fralx reaction to Rook it seems like Rook was already serving different masters back then. He is definitely not working for Spark Barons, Rise or Boggers, he is no Bilebroker and he does not seem the guy, who would associate with Spree or even Jakes. That leaves only Cult of Hesh, Rentorians or Deltreans as possible suspects, and of those three only the Cult seems to have the right agenda. Rentorians are a far off second, Threekwa showing up, and the fact, that so little is known about them over all, being the main clues towards them. Both Deltrean and Rentorian diplomats show up in Smith's campaign, but in the way they do, it rather seems to indicate that the Cult of Hesh is very much engaged in foreign politics. One last piece, apart from Rook and Aerostat squadrons, there is one other group of people associated with coins, and those are Luminitiates! Also, about that Lumin sauce... psi-powers are psi-powers, wether they are inborn or induced by drugs. Probably Lumin, Spark, and in whatever way Roaloch manifests its influence, can trigger psi powers.
  10. I am trying to get the Counter Play achievement, where the goal is to defeat a boss without playing attack cards. I don't really understand why I don't get it. Last time I even had the King Hit boon from a thug, and it was still indicated as active, when Brut called uncle, so there was no "first attack" during the fight" Do Barnacle, Hemmorhage, Kra'deshi Barbstorm, Vertical Slash and Hemomancy count as attack cards for the purpose of this feat? They only apply bleed, no direct damage, do not trigger counter attacks, do not trigger King's Hit, etc.... What about Beastmaster? What about Throw Dust (impair) and Trip (wound)? Or is the achievement tied to battle cards? Which would be weird, as that would exclude item cards, and there is a different achievement for that. If it was about only playing maneuver cards, it should say so in the description. Or do Brut, Weezil or other minor bosses which are encountered mid-day in brawl not count as real "bosses" fpr this achievement?
  11. The Hesh-priests "annihilate" debuff seems definitely a psychic power. Making ppl forget their combat training mid combat?
  12. On that note, if you just skip the auction, it seems Kashio has none of her relics instead all of them, and gets really easy to take down in combat, which seems not to work as intended. Unless you are a fan of the 80's movie "war games". "What a strange game. The winning move is not to play"