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How to know which type of a tamed beefalo client side?

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3 hours ago, penguin0616 said:

Visually, the facial expression of the beefalo.

Programmatically, you'll most likely have to read the AnimState of the beefalo and figure out what corresponds to what.

problem with animstate is when use skin, no matter what type of tamed beef, the skin remain the same, so cant use that.
Same with Visually, cant detect which type of beef when they use face skin

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From looking at the code... maybe:




local function SetTendency(inst, changedomestication)
    -- tendency is locked in after we become domesticated
    local tendencychanged = false
    local oldtendency = inst.tendency



        if not inst.components.domesticatable:IsDomesticated() or not inst.tendency == TENDENCY.ORNERY then



    inst.tendency = TENDENCY.DEFAULT

try and see what <BEEFALO>.inst.tendency looks like.



            inst.components.domesticatable:DeltaTendency(TENDENCY.PUDGY, TUNING.BEEFALO_PUDGY_WELLFED * -data.delta)

inst.components.domesticatable = scripts/components/domesticatable.lua


    self.tendencies = {}

Try to see what <BEEFALO>.inst.components.domesticatable.tendencies looks like.

If this doesn't work, maybe try to find how much damage the beefalo can do, as that would encode for its tendency


Finally, I don't think either the Beefalo Widget, or Easy Domesticate mods show this.

But they might put you on the right track / give you more code to play with.

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