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Industrial Piping | Corrigan Company

Industrial Pipes

  • Pipes that have higher capacity
  • Thicker, requiring 2 tiles
  • Can't pass walls like industrial wires
  • Require special pump for input and output, similar to ribbon reader and writers.
  • Can transport multiple substances in parallel, input/output pumps determining on which channel they are transported.
  • Automation control for input/output pumps for switching the channel on which the pump is connected.
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+ 1000 pipes, great suggestion @Ranah ...Love the picture, makes me hungry :adoration:

Such thick pipes could show a little wave animation within the pipes as xray view, as the fluids are flowing. Maybe some of the pipes can have a little window, showing the fluid/gas flow - Like in Factorio, but Klei can make it look nicer. :angel:

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