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Empty server uses surprisingly high CPU

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The dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer process uses more CPU than I would expect when no players are in the world and the sim is paused. I see each shard using ~10% CPU and the master using ~13% CPU on my i9-9900K @ ~4.5 GHz. I was expecting that the processes would basically be idle until woken up by client join network request and/or resuming the sim.

Is this the right forum to post this issue? The forum description says feature requests / bug reports and I think this falls somewhere in that spectrum.


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IIRC this has been an issue since DST even existed. It's the reason I consider server shutdown to be the "de facto" suspend method (TBH I don't even know how much CPU the current versions eat up when idling with paused sim). 

You can experiment with SIGSTOP and SIGCONT to get rid of the residual CPU load, but I would not count on this being reliable with online servers (ie those listed in the global lobby and periodically contacting steam).

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