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Conveyor Chute Shouldn't Need Interstellar Research

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Please move conveyor chutes earlier in the research tree. Right now, you're stuck using a conveyor receptacle before going to space, which seems backwards. Perhaps switch the receptacle and chute?


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I agree, I feel this should not require space research to unlock. Had to make a super awkward sweeper/auto dispenser to make this work until i was ready for space.

Sure its not that hard to unlock still but I like to get my base setup a bit before heading to space. Unlocking the Solid transport is like getting a new car but your unable to buy gas for it. However its unlocked i feel the chute should unlock at the same time as solid transport.

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agree. in order to unlock the chute, you need to get plastic to do the orbital research. 

You cannot get plastic until you either dig to oil biome (if it is present) or get drekko morph. Both take quite a while.

This item was the most progress limiter in the whole game. You can do some automation replication of chute but it is bulky.

It is logical to automate the base and then move to the space exploration.

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