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  1. This is some exciting stuff, cant wait to play around with all the new toys! I agree with the above, pliers mod would be a great addition to the base game, even if a dup had to do the work. Though I would prefer the dup free version. If the orbital/atomic research was useful to other things then just the research tree that might make it less of a one and done thing. Or perhaps if some rare recipes have a RadBolt/Microgravity requirement to craft. It's sad that we never need the orbital microlab again as the dup animation is top notch and never gets old
  2. So far I have always used payload openers when I'm starting a outpost on another asteroid. As such i have a minimal work force and no way i can spend 9 morale on mechatronics just to unload the the thing. Even if its still a manual "empty storage" its better then having to reconstruct it over and over.
  3. Getting the similar issue, with some warping around of the hatch's, digging the ground to un burry them seems to just make them move and glitched farther in to the wall or kill them. This is on the latest Feb 19th DLC update.
  4. Had this same experience but lander was not interactable from the get go even when rover had power.
  5. Almost all my crashing has been when I open the printing pod the last couple weeks. 3-4 times in 2 weeks or so. Seem to always be after a long play session.Player.log This Log is after attempting to open the printing pod and the game just froze, after clicking the screen a couple times I got the application has stopped responding message from windows.
  6. Would make for some extra challenges, could be fun. Would want it to be by choice though and not after you spend a couple hours in a new world to find out its not useable in the normal way.
  7. Dups need to stand on the same block as the creature to pick them up, (but not to truss them) that space is only one block high. So the dup cant fit to pick that guy up.
  8. Loading up the map steam was 2kg a sec for me. It may be related but some time ago I did see some info where having a vent under the oil like that could cause some deletion? Sorry I cant find a link.
  9. A gulp fish will change P water to clean water, clean water will freeze sooner then P water, Your pit looks to be in the -6c range. That might be the cause of the ice.
  10. Try removing the vent, flow direction might be confused with two inputs.
  11. Same for telescopes, had the red no skill icon after teleporting a dup until the dup actually went in to the telescope.
  12. I also tried adding a engine, It worked the first time with no crash but the end time it crashed again. Same or another issue i'm not sure. Perhaps related to the bug where deconstructing rockets and things in rockets will create steel and diamond.
  13. Every time I deconstruct the rocket nose cone the game will crash. I was deconstructing the rocket, all that is left on the pad atm is the nose cone. Adding a engine (carbon dioxide) will let me deconstruct the nose cone without a crash. Edit: Adding a engine let me deconstruct it once with no crash, the next time I did the same it crashed again.
  14. Finding some mystery steel under my rocket also, something I deconstructed also created steel. I have yet to actually make any steel in my map.