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How does the abduction / teleport / gate to the constant work? Pure anarchy.

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Wilson, Wagstaff and Winona had to build a highly technological gate. Wigfrid had, metaphorically, to make a pact with the devil. Walter and Wes seem to have ended up there by accident, literally being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If anyone can end up in the Constant at any time and in any place, what is stopping Maxwell or whoever for him from kidnapping seven billion people in a single night? It all seems very inconsistent now, fantasy does not mean logical inconsistency :]

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Other than Wes, it seems like every character (excluding Walter and Wes) had to agree to enter the Constant, but the method of agreement seems to depend on the person as a sort of "karmic punishment." Wilson and Wagstaff wanted knowledge and technology, so built large, complex portals that trapped them. Winona rebuilt Wagstaff's portal, then "agreed" to go in because she wanted to be with Charlie.

We don't know anything about most of the characters, but that seems to be the consistent theme; for Walter and Wes, it lets us know about the *aftermath* of such things. Wes was able to be grabbed for the same reason Walter was: after the first person gets snatched from a spot (that was Woodie's cabin in Walter's animation, presumably), anyone who visits the spot afterward can be grabbed because the portal is still open-brought into being by the original agreement.

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