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  1. I can confirm, this works as a workaround! I gots me a new heart skin!
  2. I'm not entirely sure why this is occurring, as it's never happened to me before and so far I can't find anything similar, but essentially I cannot seem to log in to Klei Rewards for the latest link. It keeps giving me the following error: I've tried restarting the browser and my computer but so far, no changes. Suggestions? EDIT: I just tried again, and now it's giving me a new error: I'm assuming it's related, or at least a similar bug.
  3. This bug still seems to exist...Been getting it all day. While the temporary solution of examining stuff is useful, it should really be looked into and fixed as it can very easily go unnoticed until it's too late (nearly starved because I hadn't been paying attention and suddenly couldn't eat anything)