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Update (Xbox One)

  • Fixed a crash when crafting Wigfrid's Battle Helm.
  • Fixed a crash when giving Abigail Exlitures.
  • Fixed the rotation of Wooden Gates.
  • Fixed an issue causing items drops to fail to be opened correctly.
  • Fixed a crash if a dead Wurt joined a world with the Merm King active.
  • Fixed a crash if the player died to electrocution damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing the beefalos that deplete all the saltlicks around them to start losing domestication at a rate as if no salt licks were ever around them.
  • Fixed a bug causing beefalos to lose domestication 10 times faster than they should.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain creature spawners (Hound Mounds, Beehives, Spiderdens, ect) to not always spawn their respective creatures.
  • The Sea Fishing Rod, Trusty Slingshot, Tackle Box and Spectackler Box can now be eaten by Eyeplants.

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I feel as if creatures like batilisks and bees aren't spawning as fast or as usually like before, they barely spawn at all unless they're onscreen when you reconnect.

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