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Hey Grifters,

Here are some fixes that we've accumulated over the past week or so. It's mostly controller-UI stuff, for obvious reasons :)


  • Fix negotiation text bubbles from stacking if NegotiationPanel:Dialog was used, as it is with whispered_rumours.
  • Improve controller navigation between new game screens, and improve overall flow
  • Fix focus issue after unlocking a perk and returning to loadscreen.
  • disable Rstick scrolling in compendium
  • Snap focus-scroll in scrollpanels
  • Fix scroll-up animation
  • Fix negotiation quips sometimes scrolling to the middle where they are occluded.
  • Fix Sal brawl unlocked string.
  • Fix missing FadeIn after awarding an unlock in convo.
  • Don't count the initial unlocked Outfit towards total progress% in the NewGameScreen.
  • Prune card tooltip UI from FlourishScreen to reduce occlusion.
  • Fix DayOverScreen navigation and button bindings
  •  * (A) now continues after the animation completes, instead of (B)
  •  * Scissor the PeopleListBlockAgent widget so that nav focus works (otherwise the widget has a giant bounding box which messes up nav)
  •  * Permit right-click on graft and people to open their Inspection screens.
  •  * On gamepad, bind inspection to people, cards, and grafts to the standard (RT)
  •  * Fix left-clicking anywhere on the screen triggering OnClickContinue.
  •  * Restore your last focused widget when returning from an inspection screen
  •  * Fix Clickable eating MENU_ACCEPT inputs if a right-click callback was assigned, but not a left-click callback.
  •  * Fix card layout not rotating cards if there is just a single card.
  • Clean up focus handling in compendium navigation


  • Spare Magazine: Fix superfluous text
  • Boulder Stance: don't trigger when playing toolbox cards.
  • On Your Toes: Fix typo
  • Fix card text on Boosted Final Favor


  • Suppress all brawl rewards after the final boss.
  • Fix bad credit not applying to Moreef's rare wares.


  • Save profile less often, to reduce redundant saves at startup; Save profile when leaving NewGameScreen to flush in case changes were made.
  • Fixed bug where "shunned" lasted the entire negotiation instead of just the first turn

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