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Star Gate mod idea

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Sry for my bad english

I love this game and i had a little bit of time on my hands so i made this illustration of end game building, that will give purpose to big or complex base systems( power, food or advanced materials production)


i dont know if it's doable ( ascending part probably not ). I work with unity engine but i don know in what format do they work with animation, is it sprite sheet with frame by frame animation or is it Prefab object with animation component, i can make it either way, and i can make short vid for ending game and going home with jump gate. If anyone can make something like this work il share (give) them all graphic assets that they need.

The Dude abides


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48 minutes ago, Unfawkable said:

I really like your illustrations, but I'd actually much prefer the usage to be far simpler, just a portal between Planetoids for the Spaced Out DLC. Of course, a late game expensive one like you suggested.

Its already there. The only problem is, its just connecting the start asteroid with one other and vice versa. One cant build others to connect the others. Sure, the devs want us to use rockets. But since the introduced the payload launcher now, its only dupes that need rockets anymore. 

I would really love to use "star gates", so i have to build living and supporting infrastructure only on one asteroid. A nice side effect would be, it would recude the lag, because we dont need complete bases on all asteroids anymore.

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