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Hey Grifters,

Here are two days worth of fixes. We'll upload our initial freeze candidate at end-of-day tomorrow. I imagine there will be some straggling fixes over the next couple of weeks, but the pace of change will definitely slow down so we can make the actual release version.


  • Fixed innate_instinct using an invalid anim
  • Smooth over transitions to the bar after completing brawl side jobs.
  • Remove an extra transition to the location screen between negotiating for a boss ally and fighting the boss.
  • only assign default focus when restoring the ChooseCardsPopup in gamepad mode.
  • Fix brawl boss icons not showing a tooltip if it is your current node.
  • Fade directly from combat to GameOver presentation when completing brawl.
  • hook up new music for mullifee


  • Fixed bug where Nadan could summon goons despite being stunned
  • Fixed bug where reloading could change the boss in smith_story_tei_day_3.lua
  • Fixed bug where reloading could change the boss in smith_story_marriage_contract.lua
  • Fix Oolo hating you for killing his brother even if you left Foolo alive.
  • Deltrean Dignitary now gains Counter from their taunt


  • Fixed missing upgrade highlight for Boosted Refusal
  • Rescind can now be played without renown
  • Fixed bug where pursue was increasing the damage of cards by 4 instead of 2
  • Increased cost of Overdrive and gave it Burnout. Enduring upgrade replaced by Stable.
  • Added the Duck! and Center of Attention cards 
  • Fix the Handy perk restoring charges to negotiation item cards.

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