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The perils of drecko ranching

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I had an idea.  With the current needs for reed fiber and plastic, why not ranch dreckos?  Supplies my dupes with barbecue in the process.  Great, right?  Normally, I'd just dump the eggs into a pool of water and let the things drown immediately.  But I thought, wait!  I can harvest fiber/plastic first.  So I made an egg dropoff into a shearing room.  Let them hatch, shear them once, and let them eventually starve.  It's a slower startup than the drowning pool, but it works the same.

Not so fast.  Dreckos hatch at a body temp of 62.5C and glossy dreckos at 42.5C.  And they weight 200kg each with a specific heat of 3.470.  2 full ranches of each mean 704kg of material at an average temp of 52.5C each cycle.  That's a lot of heat.  To maintain a stable temp of 30C, that comes out to 51 KDTU/s.  That's insane.  And in the middle of my base.  They're killing their own food.  I need to get them locked up in an insulated room, quick.

The more you know.


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I am using this configuration for very long time. Middle for ranching, sides as overflow.

Later on, you can play with viscogel in entry doors and get hydrogen even lower without leaking it out.




If you need more reed fiber, you need to lower upper part and extend bottom to support more balm lily farm tiles. For plastic focus (I hate plastic presses :-) ) those 7 mealwoods are enough.

btw. Initial filling is done by electrolyzer. I am too lazy to do it other way ;-)

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Yeah... Dreckos are better ranched with balm lilies if you don't want to care about temperature...

I usually would put 1-5 dreckos/glossy dreckos in a stable to produce eggs and a cooling loop around mealwood. Then I drop all the eggs in a chamber of hydrogen to shear them multiple times.


Before radiation patches

Swamp start:
1264968537_galacticbaseglossy1.thumb.JPG.9f0f79b64627a167eb0dcff337e7328e.JPG  1364271247_galacticbaseglossy2.thumb.JPG.0ff0796ed16a1c0a0cdc92680646a560.JPG

Terra start:




My last colony after recent updates (no mechatronics until later...:-() Terra start

 1431874805_dreckofarmsrustic1.thumb.JPG.63ebda4b3dcb24458f1c26f7ccfc4e3e.JPG 1321180247_dreckofarmsrustic2.thumb.JPG.7c65dcfe156ca176e934011340012b72.JPG

*early on, dirt from space helps a lot :-D


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Nice design.  I'm growing balm lilies in the fiber ranch to feed the seeds to pacu.  Right now we're massively overproducing food, but oh well.  Stockpiling berry sludge for space travel. 

I hate excluding foods from my dupes.  I wish there was a way to set food priorities for them.  Like they need a +2 food for morale reasons, but I don't want them to starve if there's food available but it's not on their list.

Hey, @Ipsquiggle - here's a feature request for you - make the consumables screen function just like the priorities screen.  I know I'm not the first person with this complaint.

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