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Dupe traffic control.

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Often times we don`1 want dupes to do tasks in ceratin areas or even walk there. We can control it using doors but sometimes it`s not enough. I think we could use a set of dupe traffic cones that do different things.

Access cone - limits movement, works like a door but only takes 1 tile and dupes can`t climb on it.

Job cone - Doesn`t allow performing jobs behind the cone. This could be customized to disallow only sweep errands so dupes don`t pick up debris from behind the cone.

Buffer cone - Forces dupes to wait a set number of seconds before progressing. Like a poor man`s checkpoint but smaller. Might find it`s place in airlock designs.

Crew cone - Allows only a limited amount of dupes to pass to the other side. Useful when you don`t want to deal with too many dupes in one zone at a time. Like when carrying germed stuff but having only a limited amount of sinks.

Fly zone cone - Creates a no fly zone straight above the cone. Jet suit dupes can`t fly above it (or walk past it either). This would limit places where they can fly to where you only need them to fly.

All cones could be automated and set for either direction (or both). They could also allow speial acess setting for certain dupes like doors currently do.

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