Changes to Tiger Shark?

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Rellimarual    4183

This boss keeps showing up in my base without warning, sometimes not even during monsoon season, and destroying stuff. It killed all my doydoys before I realized what was going on (it was night in hurricane season). You used to have to go looking for it. Now it’s like Deerclops but without the warning growls.

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HowlVoid    2128

Hes always been this way Im afraid. He spawns randomly just outside of player view or when fishing/trawling. If you spend a lot of time at base it may appear near often. You can spend more time at sea or be at a temp base until it spawns there. If for some reason you cant kill it and cant have more than one base i suggest always carrying a harpoon gun and drawing it away as soon as you can find it.

As for your dodos. Always, ALWAYS, have some eggs in a chest at different islands, maybe even your very first couple of eggs. Eggs don't count towards your total and don't rot. I also recommend not keeping them at base and instead have them at a separate island that's always unloaded. This may mean you'll have to visit them to have them mate so place them on an island you frequent/ is im your daily path.  

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