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Hmmm Spaced Out offers an opportunity for multiplayer....

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What if each player could run a planetoid ... Lets say 4 players working together to try get goods to each other to max out their planetoid ....
You'd essentially be able to have a planetoid the size of the base game for each player, and they'd be able to essentially build their own base, with the only way to pass materials back and forth being the teleporters. You could essentially generate geysers for specific planetoids (water, salt water, slush geysers) like in the DLC but also supply other geysers (say up to 6) to 'help' the player progress that are unique only to that planetoid. No duplicant teleporters, no rocketry [but then again see later thoughts]; just relying on other players to get the materials you need.

Your pod would only supply duplicants, and you'd only get duplicants the other players hadn't snatched up.

The only 'data' you'd then be sending is whats coming through the teleporters and the duplicant pool. Maybe voicechat, but theres discord so ...

or maybe end game could be you complete your POI rocket with the missing parts & fuel it ready to go back home? All four players must have their rocket ready to win the game ?

all players duplicants die = player is out

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