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The original idea was to spawn some pets per each world (Lunar, Caves, Forest) while doing something in it, for example one (only once) a pet squirrel like critter randomly appears (with rare chance) while cutting Birchnut Trees, a pet similar to Saladmander found around Lunar ponds, or a special kind of Bunnyman found in a different kind of Hutch, separate from crowded Bunnyman village!

The first ideas would also have some game affecting features, one of the pets giving a faint glow of light in small radius, one preventing sanity drop at Dusk, and such, but I couldn't balance those things out so I came up with the ideas bellow, introducing purely cosmetic Critters that encourage exploration of far regions at DST world:

The Lunar Critter

  • It is a Carrat, looks different than normal ones. (Leaving the artwork for Klei ofc.)
  • Randomly generates inside ground at a Lunar Island at start of Map, will be surprised then follow the player after being harvested.
  • Disguised as other Carrats, meaning the tail is extremely similar to normal ones, yet a bit different so it's difficult to find it.

The Cave Critter

  • It is a Snurtle, looking different than normal ones.
  • Randomly generates at Cave/underground at start of Map, and will follow the player after examined up-close.
  • Disguised as other Snurtles, the shell of it looks similar yet is different, while inside it's completely unique.

This two pets will have these in common:

  • Can be unbounded after discovery.
  • Will become available at "Rock Den" if they are unbounded, for free.
  • Can be found during any Season.
  • Are unique, meaning they don't spawn more than once per world.
  • Are cosmetic.
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