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just wanted to drop this:

Servers won't work, server list is not uddating and won't let me rejoin the server I just joined on. As soon as I entered caves I got DC and now I am unable to rejoin. I deactivated every mod I used at the time but sources tell me other people might have the same problems.

Could you, Klei, at least try to put some effort into the care of official servers? At this point I highly doubt you make yourself any troubles with caring AT all. Extremely disappointed but I kind of expected this type of behavior. My last post was also about the server care and why official european servers were missing and outdated. I got 0 replies and was totally ignored. 

Not to sound salty but "Klei da best", make more skins and continue, just go on and ignore me. <3

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Welcome to_1 the_2 club_3, Hans *lifts beer mug*



Frankly, by now, maybe the most viable solution given reality of this situation would be for KLei to either get 1-2 people (trusty and knowledgeable volunteers) for the express task of updating servers from among DST community; or just nix them all, the official servers. There are a lot of community pubs already, where admins really put effort to at least update them the moment a new patch rolls out (not mentioning the active moderation for healthy sessions).

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