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  1. I am very sorry for bringing this up again because I usually refrain myself from shitposting – I just reached my limits. It has been almost half a year since the occurrence of ongoing problems with the public servers Klei is hosting in Germany and it has never been mentioned on any official post by any employee that is working for Klei. For the people that have never played on the public servers, these have been a great place to play Don't Starve Together with friends and friends-to-be alike but we are now limited to one public survival server which limits the total number of possible players to 8. I personally know some people that use these servers from regions out of the EU, so that limits the accessability even more. Usually, if Klei has some leftover bugs after a patch, the server shuts down and isn't reachable until it gets auto-updated again with another patch. That alone sometimes meant waiting for about 1-2 months, but now even after the server should be up again, Slurtle Slime and Spiders and Such (Images are posted below) are still out of reach. I don't understand why no one is feeling responsible for addressing these problems at all in any way. This gives a very, very bad image of how Klei is treating their actively playing community and I would not be writing this post on this forum if I weren't that tired of seeing absolutey nothing being done about it. I never thought that communitcations were a flexing skill Klei had to offer but this level of ignorance is downright frivolous! I hereby demand some needed answers why the staff of Klei hasn't done any communications on this topic and I won't be satisfied wtih some lame-donkey answer telling me to just wait a little bit longer, because – honestly – I have been waiting long enough to see any progress at all.