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  1. I can provide some screenshots featuring the boat design which is always the same and it always includes a lightning rod.
  2. How to make a mini World

    It's very pleasant to see that someone finally adopted this skyblock-ish idea and ported it into the DST universe! I always loved the idea of micromanaging and dst really enables this possibility of living their very own libertarian dream – a political concept that's anthropologically bound to fail in reality but nevertheless really appeals online on a very small set of parameters. The Meteor Field would be needed for the Smooth Meteor, if you are in need of earthly goods there's always the chance of Petrified Evergreens! For gold there is the 6.6% chance to obtain it via digging up a burrow and a 0.86% chance to receive it as a gift by a befriended Catcoon. Personally, I think the Dragonfly Desert is the most important biom because it offers Tumbleweed spawners – no further explanation needed. I would also like to see the final rng-based spawner (graves excluded) à la Hollow Stump: Who doesn't love Wet Goop‽ In addition, I would love to have access to all – or most of the utterly important ones – renewable resource enabling bioms because unlike Minecraft DST does not offer casual random mobs with a variety of rng-based loot drops – Loot Stash is not a mob! – so the basics should be available from the start. I think the bosses make up a giant [pun] part of the game design, so I would highly recommend you to include the stationary overworld boss spawners like the Gigantic Beehive, or the Magma set piece. I would also love to see this to include the ruins based loot table but I think that's a lot more work.
  3. Revealing Map as Player

    At what point does Klei say anything about client side mods or mods in general? I would just really like to know. As far as I have noticed they only seem to fix bugs that change their intended game design – most of these exploits also require the user to rely on client side mods. To talk about exploits also requires a fixed concept of an "exploit" aka "cheat". Is using an implemented feature (a command) considered an exploit? If someone considers this as one do they think so because Klei stated this somewhere or is it just their own evaluation? Personally, I get quiet upset when people misinterpret their very own opinions for general ideas, so it would be very kind to explain, if there is some shared information Klei stated or if this whole discussion heavily relies on personal interpretations. Thank you in anticipation!