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Klaus Spawn Removals - Advice required

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7 hours ago, kuroite said:

You can build the potter wheel and the Klaus statue without moving it. Just let it on top, the game should still consider the potter as a structure and you have your Klaus decoration.

Ah nice that's pretty genius, I don't really like the look of Statues on Potters Wheels though so maybe I'll place a Firepit right on the Spawner and a Statue above for decoration. Thanks anyway though!

9 hours ago, Baguettes said:

you sure can. it's part of the non-permanent settings in the beta.

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Wait can you change it to any event you want and then consequently change it back to Auto so you can still participate in future/seasonal events?

Like once this update hits console can I change to year of the varg to get the sketches and fight clay hounds/vargs (which I've never done) and then change it back to auto afterwards? Same with Year of the Carrot content? If so that is going to be HUGELY epic...

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