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New statue designs or creature idea - Dragons

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3 hours ago, pether said:

They would work really nice in "Flame and Acid" chemical DLC!

There could name a DLC "Chemical Brothers" + such sound track in dupe style which includes acid substance reactions/buildings, fire/combustion/explosions and such.

The Chemical Brothers "Galvanize" sound track has this cool Turkish hook line, a "Deco DLC" for $2 could be something - With high quality decoration elements in various categories:

> Oriental

> Chinese

> The Americas

> Europe

> Russia

...and such. If its high quality decoration items it could be content where the community could be willing to pay a bit for. DLC`s do not have to be bad by default. If its 2 dollars maybe 10K-100K players could be willing to take it over time. A large "Sphinx" decoration monument as example could consist of 10-20 building parts, with huge material requirements and some nice colony bonus after completion. One idea could be that a waterfall comes out of the Spinx on completion = New ( good looking ) water source.


Anno1800 has a DLC policy which is valued by players and customers, whereas publisher Paradox has abused the DLC spawning to the absurd with some game titles.

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