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Redeeming Rewards with Klei Points/Spools

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So in the recent update of the year of the beefalo event, we got the rewards page refreshed plus some additional klei points (tysm for that:wilson_love:),as a new member to the DST comminty me and my friends missed out on lots of stuffs that were given away before :wilson_cry:, everything that is in the rewards page right now, is something that we don't own,so we're always running low on klei points,we try to keep an eye out for any link and instantly spend them whenever we can redeem another item,but the klei points are given out once in a while,enough to buy 1 item?(very grateful for that though :cheerful:)..So I was wondering.. since players are also collecting spools by unraveling the duplicates that they get during playing?So.. maybe they can redeem with either points or spools(1200points/spools)?Or atleast trade spools for points?When they run low on klei points,at that time they can grind some spools by playing?Till the next link for more klei points is given?..or idk..

I redeemed one of the skin with the points given via the recent link and I'm left with 800klei points..I still want to get the rest 14 stuffs on the rewards page that I don't own:wilson_drool: which will require a TON of points that I don't have and also don't know hiw much time it'll take to have  ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ, but..I have some spools just sitting there in my balance, I'm not using spools right now for anything else,so if I can use the spools to redeem some more stuffs from rewards page..till the link to next klei point is given out, it'd be awesome?..Idk if anyone will pay attention to this or if this is even relevant,but it'd mean a lot if Klei would just hear this out ಥ‿ಥ

(Tysm for your hardwork bdw,have a great day:wickerbottomthanks:)

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