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[Mod Release] Airplane!

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Hi everyone!

I want to share with you the last mod that Catherine Rocha and me have done
Its name is "Airplane", and it allow to build your own airplane to fly around the map

This airplane model is known as "14 Bis", firstly presented in 1906 (that's why several people thinks it looks weird and backward)

I made the programming for this mod and Catherine made the art
If you want to see more of Catherine's art, you can find her on Instagram: @cather.ink

So, thats it, I hope you enjoy
Thank you all!

Workshop Link:

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Dear Gleenus,

Greetings! My name is Godfrey, and I am an ardent follower of most of your Don't Starve Together mods! You are such an amazing mod developer! Your modding style is so crazy, but your products are all very plausible and work seamlessly into the DST world. All my friends and I really wanna say "GOOD JOB" to you!

Besides this, I also write to you as a mod developer myself. I am from a DS & DST mod called "Myth Words." Though not sure whether you heard of Myth Words or not, our chief author Yuzhong, who is also an awesome artist drawer, is especially interested in your "Rope Bridge" mod and adores it really much. He wants to make a friend with you, so he proposed to help you draw a new set of in-game textures that looks more compatible with original DST style, for your Rope Bridge mod. He asks nothing monetary in return, except to add him as a mod contributor.

If you would like to check our artistic style or level, you are welcome to visit our Myth Words workshop pages here and here, or directly at Yuzhong's workshop page here. His English is not very good, so you can reach me here if you want. Again, we really really love your mods, and genuinely hope that we can help you make them better. If you are interested, please respond to your Steam friend request, where I added you a few days ago.

Take care!

I am, yours sincerely, Godfrey.

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