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Automation problems with Spaced Out

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I need a way for a asteroid to signal another asteroid it needs X or you need to never use say algea on more than one asteroid.


Food is the biggest problem as you can't control how much you give to another asteroid, though you can control how much you transfer / hour to some degree.


Now with the teleporter connected planet you can send stuff that trigger a "need food" (liquid/gas might work best for this), but on a rocket connected asteroid this on paper seem to spin out into insanity.


Before spaced out most of the reason to play seemed to end up being create a system that works more or less forever without you having to do manual intervention, but so far I feel like spaced out create way to many issues where I have to micromanage and even with micromanaging there is issues where I have to pay attention for cycles to avoid transferring all food out of my food facility..


Perhaps creating "outpost" is the wrong way to play spaced out and I should instead create transport rockets with dupes that go to planets and do stuff then return, since I can make a mini outpost in the rocket interior, but why do I get to build 3D printers on every asteroid?

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I use a system of storage bins of varying priorities.  For example, on the home asteroid there's a bin of steel at priority 6.  We always keep a reserve of 10 tons of steel.  The supply rockets have a bin with priority 4, limited to, say, 5 tons.  There's a bin on each other asteroid, limited to 10 tons, at priority 6.  Rocket sets down, pilot gets off for the night, storing dupes transfer levels as needed.  Same system with food and fridges (we only eat berry sludge now because it never spoils).  It's a little clunky, but it works.  Same system for transferring gold, iron, etc., back and distributing to other asteroids.  You can set a bin on one rocket to 5 if you want to emphasize the asteroid that it goes to, and so forth.

Developing robust rocket systems is awkward, but doable.

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