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A new world type The Neutronium World

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Given that many player dig as much as they can and expand to fill their huge space a world more challenging then Oassisse could consist of porous boulders (that allow gasses through) of un-minable neutronium with cracks between each boulder to connect the small vacuoles of space to work with (and also confuses temperature scans so it's harder to find geysers). The level of gas should be relatively low leaving many of the pores in the rocks a vacuum, and natural gas and carbon dioxide would probably be the most common gases. Water would not exist in a pure form per se, but ice would be available near the start to work with. The rest of it would be mixed waters in frozen or vapor forms, but rarely as liquids.

or do you think that wouldn't be different enough to make it unique from the others?

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No one really use temperature scans now; priority scans are better because you can view its stats and type.

Sounds like badlands but even more annoying to build in. Digging out the map isn't really a bug or especially overpowered anyways.

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