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Hey Grifters,

Here is today's update.


  • Reduced the cost of hush_money by 1
  • Subtle Setup no longer doubles the damage it returns
  • Pursue now increases damage for the rest of the negotiation instead of until played
  • Reduced renown required for influencer by 1
  • Increased draw count on Networker by 1
  • Reduced the cost of Ransack by 1
  • Increased composure gained from Standing and lowered the Renown requirement
  • Updated the desc of Rescind to say "Spend" instead of "Remove"
  • Added a 4th chain card for Kradeshi Cup to put it on par with the other chain cards
  • Pale Domineer now requires 2 Dominance
  • Added two new uncommon negotiation grafts for Smith 


  • Set up a base combat behaviour for Muliffee 


  • Refreshing the layout of the top bar when the player's shills change
  • In conversations, when there's a leave option and no option is focused on, the B button on the controller now allows you to leave
  • Improving the Main Menu's layout for Streamer mode
  • Making the Achievements screen adjust to Streamer mode
  • Added delays to the presentation of Delirium to make it clearer which cards are selected
  • Making the compendium's Graft Info popup adjust its layout when in streamer-mode. Also adjusting its header's width, so it fits above a single graft widget. And making the non-upgraded grafts not-clickable
  • Reorganizing the buttons on the main menu. Switching some of the regular panel buttons to icon buttons at the bottom of the screen. Also adding the Achievements button

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