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Plastic Packing of Materials and Food

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Love the game keep up the wonderful work :D sorry for poor english and bad grammar.

i think it could be cool to have like a packing machine. the purpose would be wrapping of materials example bleach stone and oxylite making them stop off gassing. the machine should have the feature that u could control how much would be in each package. and would use plastic as wrapping material.

the idea is to make it easier to calculate how much u would need for example on a space ride between asteroids. 

the wrapping of food would make the spoil timer go down and keep food fresh for longer and again to calculate how much would be needed to colonize other asteroids or space rides. like a lunchbox package or make a survival meal by combing different food in one package/lunchbox.

it could be nice with a butchers table or some machine that could "convert" critters into meat :D

the Con of wrapping things in plastic and making lunchboxes would be trash. when a dupe unwrap the thing for use. trash would bring down decor heavily in the area around it and if enough trash is accumulating around then it starts to smell and making dupes vomit if they have the new bad trait "sensitive nose". i dont remember what the trait is called when a dupe is sensitive to floral scent but it should kinda the same thing.

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I remember an idea like that. It would be cool to preserve food for longer. Also provide more uses for plastic. It lacks a continous use.

A butchery station was also suggested multiple times. If it could be configured for picking the oldest critter it would help a lot in managing ranches.

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