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  1. @MachineryMan its all about having some cool storage tanks for liquids and gasses, im the type who always ends up with ALOT of gas tanks and liquid reservoirs everywhere. im always saving/stocking up on water for my SPOMS could be cool to have like a tower of different liquids and gasses respectively, in one building. then of course it should be able to hold alot of kilos of mass the temp management i dont know much about but could be cool if they could make it so it followed the building material. or had had a option in each tank to for a big cost of power, temp regulate each tank so you could have a tank with hot water and cold water just on top of each other. sorry for poor grammar
  2. and maybe that dupe should have that special equipment crafted in the new Crafting station that would minimizing the risk of sparks and big bada boooom haha
  3. Hello Love the game as always <3 sorry for bad grammar and poor english i had an idea, to make modular gas and liquid storage tanks, just like space rockets are in a modular building setup. Could be cool to have some heavy storage for gasses or liquid and dedicate an area in your astorides for massive storage. There should be a modular setup/building for liquids and a setup/building for gasses, so you would end up with 2 "towers" of gas and liquid. of course each tank should have its own intake/output but i don't know if the setup should cost any power to run or just cost a X amount of resources per tank and then it be that. maybe it would cost power if you could either cool or heat the gas/liquid inside the tank? I'm thinking the base building could be build out of any metal ore, and then any liquid tank could be build out of glass, like a big fish bowl and the gas tank would be build out of plastic and big like a big clear ballon. or maybe you could choose plastic for a lower amount in the tanks and glass for higher amount of storage. keep up the good work, loving the DLC
  4. its really game destroying. to me. its like the geysers ar the morther of challenges in this game and when i lose a geyser like that i cannot stop thinking abot all the problems/fun i would have had with this geyser. with my relative poor understanding of programming maybe u could make a rule during the game spawning that make it impossible for the geysers to spawn closer than 10 tiles to the edge of the map.
  5. hey Klei hope u all had a nice holiday and a happy new year once agian sry for poor english and bad grammar i have this problem that some of my geysers ar spawning way out in the Neutronium and that makes them not be there first time it happen second time it happen and i got a different geyser spawning on the same map but this time same tile just a little higher on the map pls can u fix this ? every time i looki looki over that poor geysersless poop of Neutronium i cry a salty tear :'( keep up the good work as always <3