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  1. its really game destroying. to me. its like the geysers ar the morther of challenges in this game and when i lose a geyser like that i cannot stop thinking abot all the problems/fun i would have had with this geyser. with my relative poor understanding of programming maybe u could make a rule during the game spawning that make it impossible for the geysers to spawn closer than 10 tiles to the edge of the map.
  2. hey Klei hope u all had a nice holiday and a happy new year once agian sry for poor english and bad grammar i have this problem that some of my geysers ar spawning way out in the Neutronium and that makes them not be there first time it happen second time it happen and i got a different geyser spawning on the same map but this time same tile just a little higher on the map pls can u fix this ? every time i looki looki over that poor geysersless poop of Neutronium i cry a salty tear :'( keep up the good work as always <3