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Buff Walls and make statues not be walls

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As of now, walls suck as protection from something outside. They work fine for pens and decoration, but they're ironically mediocre at best as a barricade, and people either use fossils or statues in lieu of walls for those situations.

My suggestion is simple, make walls have some sort of damage reduction depending on the type. (E.g. wood walls have 70%, stone walls have 80% and thulecite walls get 90% and maybe even a chance for 100% every couple hits damage reduction), while making them lose a tier when hammered (this one is mostly for decoration purposes, if hammered after the final, crumbled tier they'd be destroyed). Alternatively make it so they don't get said reduction for players.

As for fossils and statues, i suggest making statues crumble (needing to be fixed) and fossils dismantle upon hits. What do you all think about this?

I know it could get tedious for permanent pens, but it would make more sense than the statue exploit. What do you all think of this and how would you improve upon it?

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As a compromise, and in addition to the wall buff suggestion, they could add a new "fortified" wall tier that one could use for permanent pens with the tradeoff that you'd need to carry them around to place them like you do statues or statue pieces. (don't know where they would be crafted though).

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