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Show Head Skins in Player List ( In-Game when pressing TAB or when you are choosing your character )

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When you are in the character selection screen or when you are browsing servers, found a server and click on "View Players", you see a list of players in the server you are playing in right now. You can also see the same player list when pressing TAB in-game. You see the heads of the characters the players are playing as, however, you aren't seeing the skin they have! I hate having the same skin as others and it happens sometimes, so it would be cool if the players in the player list are represented with their head skin ( since you only see the head in the player list ). It would also make skins cooler and make the player list look better :P .


Sorry for any typos or smth I am not a native english speaker.


I have a picture of what I mean and how it looks like with snowfallen webber:


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