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I'm new to ONI, but since I got it last month I think I've put in over 400 hours, it's an amazing game!  I've been playing around with Spaced Out and have been making notes of some comments, here they are in no particular order:

  1. Rocket Sensor: A sensor (or automation wire output from the platform) to tell me if a rocket is on the platform or not
  2. Skill Count per Asteroid: The skill display shows the total number of dupes with a particular skill.  It would be nice if it also showed the number with the skill on the current asteroid, perhaps in parentheses or in the asteroid's color or something.
  3. Bigger zoom.  I know it's a mod, but I miss it so much.  If it's a performance worry, maybe make it a game setting?
  4. Deconstruct Props: I've seen a few threads on it also, but allowing deconstruction of the props like the lights, lockers, and desks after they've been inspected.
  5. Sort Priorities by Skill: The Priorities screen lets us sort by priority, but as my dupe count grows, I'd like to be able to sort by skill.  The color helps, but isn't great once the duplicant count gets high. 
  6. Clear Crew: A "clear crew" button to remove all assigned crew
  7. Adding or removing crew shouldn't reset the list back to the top (this is probably a bug, but I figured I'd mention it)
  8. Merged Rocket Destination and Crew Commands: Currently, if the Rocket Module is not the Nose Cone, the Crew control and the Destination control require clicking on two different structures.  It would be nice if they could be merged into one display, or always appear together.
  9. Rocket Cargo Max Capacity Slider: Allow changing the max capacity of the rocket cargo chamber, like for storage bins, so I can fill it with 50 or 100 or anything <= max
  10. "Auto" Crew mode allows exit when Launch automation is OFF: I tried setting up a continuing trade route between the first and second asteroids (the ones 2 distance apart).  I have timers going to counters going to the launch signal, so it gets set ON for 200 seconds every 1200 seconds.  Loading and fueling are done automatically.  It works very well except for one thing - having the crew mode set to "Auto" forces the pilot to stay in the rocket at all times and prevents anyone else from going in.  So it works great for 2-3 loops, and then the O2 runs out or the bathroom fills up and no one can do anything about it.  I feel like "Auto" should follow the rocket platform's automation wire - when the automation wire is OFF, the mode is "All"; when the automation wire is ON, the mode is "Crew".  Or am I missing something?
  11. Vent Cabins: After a while rocket cabins end up with a decent amount of CO2 in them.  I've either been deconstucting and reconstructing the cabin or using Brothgar's Luxury Rocket trick to remove a wall and replace it with an airlock.  Oxyferns are ok, but with the previous comment they don't get fed or watered when in a farm.  And a natural one just doesn't do enough.  I'd like either a mechanical airlock built into the cabin or some method to just vent all the gas in it.

It's likely that at least some of these are already possible and I just don't know how to do it - if so please let me know!


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1) This is best implemented as an automation signal from the pad itself. One signal outputs G if there's a rocket on the pad.

2) The separation between asteroids in the UI is super buggy at the moment. I suspect this is not possible at the moment but would be super nice to make sure each base has a full complement of basic skills.

3) We can already zoom to nearly the width of an entire asteroid.

4) Agreed. Tie the deconstruction to the identification (have to identify before deconstruct is an option). This could serve as a great source of early game plastic & refined metals, to make building those first couple of Steam Turbines easier.

5) Agreed.

6) Agreed.

7) Yeah, worth mentioning.

8) I feel like rocket destination should always be attached to the top of the rocket. After all, that's the bit that does the crashing!

9) Agreed. We need to be able to ship multiple resources per Bay.

10) Totally agree. Watching Brothgar struggle to get a viable rocket setup has really turned me off continuing mine.

11) I'd like to have a "Control Tower" building which attaches to adjacent rockets and can receive/send gases from crew cabins to make loading/unloading Oxygen smoother and manageable without hoping back & forth between screens or faffing around with canisters.

12) Would be ideal if the automation signal from the pad was associated with the rocket pilot's console. Aka, a green signal from the pad indicates the pilot is at their chair and gone through their entire checklist. So the automation for the pad becomes A) rocket exists on pad as output, B) pilot is ready to launch as output, C) Input G = Launch.

13) There's a mod for a "Mob Muncher" which auto-butchers critters over capacity. I feel that this could definitely be a vanilla building.

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13 hours ago, Aster1 said:

Rocket Sensor: A sensor (or automation wire output from the platform) to tell me if a rocket is on the platform or not

Lucky for you, I just made a mod thats doing exactly the same :) As with all my mods, I hope one day KLEI would implement them into main game, but until then, feel free to use https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2339405225

Of course mods are not enabled on the DLC right now, but I am planning to extend it to the DLC as well after the release

About the rest of feedback - big +1, nothing more to say

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