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[Tutorial] Beard Template for Extended Sample Character and how to use it


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A guide for my Beard Template mod, intended to be used alongside Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character mod (which you can find here).


What You Need

  • Your character mod, which you have to provide yourself.
  • Basic knowledge of making character mods. (If you can make a character using the ESC, you'll be fine.)
  • An image editor with transparency support. Pretty much anything other than MS Paint should be fine.
  • A text editor. I recommend using Notepad++.


Ignoring modmain.lua and modinfo.lua

This tutorial doesn't really modify the modmain.lua or modinfo.lua, since all the code to add a beard to your character goes in your character prefab file.


In the Character Prefab

The character prefab provided should include all the instructions needed to add a beard to your character in the form of comments.


Creating the Beard Assets

In the download you should find a folder called "beard templates" outside of the "exported" folder. These are the templates you'll use for making your character's beards, including Wilson's beard and versions of the ESC beard alongside the headbases and faces used. Of course, the beard you create should not include the headbase and faces used and will go to the exported folder for the game to properly export it into the game.


Outside of this, all instructions you'd need to make your character are mostly unrelated to the files provided. If you can already make a character using ESC you should be good to go with this. I hope this was useful to you; I don't know how to make tutorials or guides at all and I'm pretty new-ish to Don't Starve Together modding anyways. If you have any problems with this guide, let me know.

Beard Template for ESC.zip

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