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TINY Feature request: Comments on Savegames

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Hello Klei team,

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with family and stuff and enjoy your holidays around this time. I also hope you had a lot of success with the sales on the EA release of the DLC and that 50% ONI sale last week.

I like the new savegame manager with the categorization of saves under a map very much already. What I'm missing though is a little text field or something with which I could describe the map a little bit. Let it even be only 256-1024 characters or whatever...  I'm playing several runs at once and have a hard time knowing what's been wrong lately in that colony. With some commenting on the save I could easily distinguish what I'm about to expect. Yes, we have a screenshot of the colony's state and some data like date of save, dupes alive and cycles played but I think every run has a certain notion to it and it would be really helpful if there was a way to express that with a comment on a savegame.

I suspect this is a very little feature for professional programmers and would pose a minor task of only a few hours of implementation.

Maybe I'm even not alone with this tiny feature request. So I ask anyone to join me in support of this. As this is something very simple and nothing to discuss much about, I'm not gonna go into discussions about pros which are clear and cons which virtually don't exist.But if you think this is a helpful idea, feel free to comment or like this post so it may be considered in the future.

Thank you for all the fun you give us, Klei!

Stay safe!



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I have a related suggestion which I always wanted to have in the game...Signs in the game, where we can type text in to.

Sticking a sign in to any location in the colony, so that we can type our note text in to it and remember what we wanted to do there, what the problem to solve is or what the colony area/asteroid/contraption/build is about.

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