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Rocket Interior chagnes/purpose

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The current rocket interior makes it uncertain what the intent is for the player. 

I first approached the new rockets expecting to have the ability to pipe resources into and out of the command capsules. Have small liquid and gas reservoirs, batteries and external electrical connections. Stuff a real rocket has.
You know create a fully functional rocket that supplies everything dupes need on a journey to another world.

These facilities would be limited and thus limit how long the rocket could act as a mobile base but instead the interior serves little purpose except to carry some resources when first setting up on another planet. The inability to pipe resource in and out means they have to be carried in or out and thus doing anything fancy takes up too much space.

The current iteration makes it seem that the true intent is that the rovers do most of the setup work for a fully functional base before any dupes arrive yet there are so many things the rovers can't make and working with them isn't exactly the best.
So there is an awkward middle zone where the first dupe to arrive has to hurry and finish projects to sustain themself as finishing the landing pad only means you have a rocket to go back with rather than the rocket providing an actual place to work from.

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I think it`s not that much about the rocket interior as it is about the rover`s limits. If the rovers could build a manual airlock they would be already able to set up a base able to sustain a single dupe if there is food to be harvested on the asteroid. If not you can use that module that allows to drop stuff on the surface from orbit to get enough refined metal for a landing pad. Then you don`t even need rovers but jaust a dupe in an atmo suit to build the pad and land the rocket.

I think the larger command module has enough room to serve as a temproary base for about 4 dupes and let them survive long enough to set up a base.

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