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My wishlist for the DLC

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My biggest wish is that it becomes more of a survival game.

One where resources are scarce.

Where coming up with clever designs and building automated systems is necessary in the long term, rather than a fun and completely optional aspect.

Where atmo suits don't solve most of your problems.

Where advanced materials are required to solve certain problems that need to be eventually solved.

Where there aren't so many geysers.

Where I'm grateful for being able to take in new duplicants rather than sighing and rejecting the printing pod for the 9th time because there's no reason not to.

Where diseases are actually a problem you have to care about and find solutions for.

This needs to be a separate difficulty mode plus combined with a world generation setting, so that new players can still learn and enjoy the game.


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All of these "suggestions" already exist as part of the game.

  • Resource scarcity is a relative measure. If you have enough Metal for 50 cycles, but only enough Algae for 10, then it doesn't matter how much Metal you have. Try playing on Oasis for a limited experience.
  • Automation is necessary for long term survival.
  • Atmo Suits don
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Remembering the days of the holy Regolith :confused: Oh Regolith, Im praying for you every day ! :cower:

Regolith, Rockets, Giant Meteors, Threats-scaling-with-the-power-of-the-player...Give me all rockets and Im glad to play ONi again, I`ll take them...Even as they look tiny now, I cant stack them anymore and I`m tortured to be a rocket interior designer. Regolith in the game would be a welcome bonus. Make great game Klei ! Bring back the base game content, including the option to play base game map sizes. Tank u Klei :emptiness:


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