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My Flourishes Either don't Work or Crash the Compendium


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When I put my flourishes under the series "SHEL", which is Shel's card series as defined as shel.lua, only my basic flourish shows up when I hit the flourish button. If I instead put the flourishes under "PC_SHEL", which is Shel's character ID, all of my flourishes show up and work properly, but the card compendium instantly crashes upon opening, with this message.


(my flourish script, when defined as "PC_SHEL" for reference)


edit: I'm using All Unlocks for testing, getting the mettle shop to work for Shel has been a separate nightmare

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There's a bunch of problems when your pc character background id doesn't match the player agent character, and it's kind of annoying and the devs should fix that.

The compendium automatically adds the player agent id to the compendium, but the flourish unlocks checks the player background id.

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The problem is that the compendium and character unlocks uses different ids technically. Character unlocks uses the player background id, while the compendium defaults to the player agent id. If they don't match up, either the compendium don't work, or the flourish don't work.

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  • Developer

Ah, thanks, I had misread the problem.  I now changed GetAllBattleFlourishes / GetAllNegotiationFlourishes to correctly match a card's series against a character's card_series table, instead of assuming the character ID as the series.  There are still probably other cases in the code that incorrectly make that comparison, which will be fixed as they are discovered.

So Shel's flourishes should use the SHEL card series, which is what her other cards use.  Note that the character PC_SHEL (at least the one in the basic Shel's Adventure mod) specifies card_series = { "SAL", "SMITH", "GENERAL", "SHEL" }, so I think (haven't tested) she will actually also use Sal's and Smith's flourishes by default, but you can change that.



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