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Blue Moth

Allow Funko Pop skins to be woven after purchase

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So, a while back, I purchased Wilson's Funko Pop figure, and I got the lantern skin for it. But, since I am an absolute IDIOT, I unraveled it for something else, and now I have no way to get it back without buying another figure, which I wouldn't want since I already have one. Sure, I could give one of them to a friend, but that would feel cheap giving them the figure and no skin. I would highly appreciate if you could weave the skin, so long as you have previously owned it. I don't really understand why it was unravellable in the first place, why not make it a Loyal or Timeless skin? I really wish I had a way to get back my lantern skin without having to buy another figurine or forking over more money than it even cost to buy the figurine on the steam marketplace.

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