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giant vegetables

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There are 7 requirements:

  1. Family - Each plant must have at 3 other plants of the same type within a radius of 1 turf tile. (So, groups of 4 or more identical plants are needed.)
  2. Overcrowding - There can't be more than 10 plants in the same turf tile. (This is not distance based, it's okay to have 10 plants in one tile and another 10 in the tile next to that.)
  3. Killjoys - You must keep the area clear of Garden Detritus, Weeds (Forget-Me-Lots, Fire Nettles, Tillweeds, Spiny Bindweeds) and rotting plants.
  4. Happiness - You must Tend To your plants once per growth stage. This can be done manually or using musical instruments (One-Man Band, Singing Shell Bell, Pan Flute, Beefalo Horn, Gnarwail Horn, Strident Trident) or by having a blooming Wormwood pass by the plants.
  5. Moisture - Plants must spend 10% of each growth stage on wet soil (doesn't matter how wet, so long as it's not completely dry). This can be easily achieved by watering each tile once per growth stage, but watering twice is good if you wanna be safe. Also, soil never dries while it's still raining, so there's that.
  6. Season - You must use plants that like the current season. Out-of-season plants take twice as long to grow.
  7. Nutrients - Each plant consumes some types of Nutrients and produces some other types of Nutrients. You need to fertilize your plants with as many "arrows" of fertilizer as they need (check their plant registry for plant and fertilizer values). If you got, say, 9 carrots, that means a total of 18 formula arrows, so you need to supply fertilizer with that same total value. Keep in mind, each soil can hold only 12 arrows of each type of nutrient, so you typically can't fertilize in one go and leave it be.

If you neglect only one of these factors in only one stage of growth, you can still get Giant Vegetables, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Also, shameless self-plug, if you don't wanna use fertilizer, which is kinda expensive, you can set up combinations of plants that produce the nutrients each other needs, eliminating the need for fertilizer. I've made a post on that here: 


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