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  1. I have 20-30 merm houses. But none of them go to royal tapestry.
  2. I previously shared that goats reproduce uncontrollably, but I could not find a solution. Now there are dozens of goats on the map, and they can walk on the sea.
  3. This mod isn't include 'Klei is not able to help you'. I guess I'd better send a message though. Thanks
  4. I wanted to take the goats to a closed area with the 'pick up something' mode. However, it gave a connection error and I could not get the goats to arrive at all. There are as many as 50-60 goats in the house now, and their numbers may be increasing every day. It has been a long time since I made this process and I cannot get to the day before. Is there anything I can do?
  5. I downloaded a mod for moving objects. However, when I turn on the mode, my internet connection is cut off in a very short time. What is the reason?
  6. But we were in the cave. Could these still happen?
  7. We planted wood fance. It was morning, but when we went down to the cave and returned after a while, they were absent. Does anyone know the reason?
  8. Can we fight with the shadow pieces once? Someone ran away while fighting, will it be a problem?
  9. Yes you understand correctly, thank you very much
  10. Is there a mode for relocating cave and lake?