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Wigfrid Fireproof Falsetto change

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Fireproof Falsetto should allow overheating immunity for as long as the song is in play. 

In addition a Winter counterpart should be added.

Reason: Wigfrids song are meant to add utility in battle that aids in resource management such as health and sanity. The prevention of freezing and overheating only during battle would further enhance this in team gameplay where multiple people may craft campfires in the chaos of battle. With others having her battle helmet in play easily craftable winter headgear is instead replaced with multiple heat stones (winter body gear is not as accessible). Heat stones may break the flow of battle and scatter the team preventing teamwork and the possible waste of resources. I believe this is a fair addition that is in line with her other songs. Fireproof falsetto is currently lackluster and a large portion of the community is in agreement. 


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Fireproof Falsetto is indeed more or less useless but I would honestly just prefer a completely different song instead of overheating or freezing immunity. I get those are similar and thematic for what the original song does but I just don't see the use in this, can't you just use the gear we already have (thermal stones, having a roaring fire pit nearby (I do this for any winter boss battles) winter clothing etc) to keep yourself warm?

Sorry how do the heat stones (thermal stones yeah?) break the flow of battle and scatter the team? As long as their is a nearby fire or heat source its fine and any non-raid bosses will go down before a thermal stone goes from red to grey anyway especially with multiple players. If we did get a song in this style though I would only want the winter counterpart that keeps you warm and prevents freezing as I guess it would be somewhat useful against Klaus (even though he heats you up with his fire spell himself and you can kite/lead him around a campfire fairly easily) or Deerclops or any other bosses you fight in Winter. In Summer outside of Antlion I don't think many players fight that many bosses in the heat as they are either in the ruins or oasis or at base babysitting flingomatics. I just don't see the use of an overheating prevention song outside of Klaus's fire spells which are easy to dodge or Dragonfly when enraged (which **** that, panflute that monster to sleep immediately) which the existing song already helps with albeit not very well - it should give almost complete immunity to fire damage (90% or something) rather than overheating immunity.

Random I know but a song that maybe reduces Hunger Drain (for allies as well) might be cool for longer boss battles and would go well with the lifesteal song (requiring less healing food for everyone both health and hunger wise). If they added a song that made armor last longer instead of weapons I would lose my mind and never ask for another change to Wigfrid again! This would be insanely useful - make the recipe REALLY expensive Thul, Green Gems and Moon Glass for all I care! I would still make multiple copies just to have spares. Maybe a song that slowly raises the wetness meter for any enemies attacked by Wigfrid- Drowning Melody! You could slowly but surely make bosses wet so that Morning Star, Volt Jelly etc do the full damage, you can already do this with waterballoons or during spring rain anyway. I don't have great ideas for what could be provided as a new song but I'd love to hear other ideas as maybe if we got one that was well liked enough by the community we might just get it or something similar given how great Klei are with this kind of thing.

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