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Cloud Saves

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I sometimes play on my PC and sometimes on my notebook - the computers are in different apartments. Saving to the cloud is a very welcome feature, but it doesn't seem to work properly. Sometimes the game just won't save to the cloud (just on the computer) and then on the other computer I have an older save game. What could be the reason for this? Is there anything I can do to check if the transfer worked? Thanks for the help.

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To clarify how it works, when you use the Load screen, you can move a colony (#1 in the image below) to the cloud.
You can move all colonies at once (#2 in the image below). If you see the cloud logo there, it means your colony should sync.
Once you do, the files are moved into place for Steam to upload.

From that point on, everything that happens is up to Steam. Saves only sync when you exit ONI.
If you moved all of your colony files to the cloud, it might take a while to sync (depending on your internet connection, steam servers, etc).



You should see this little spinning animated Steam logo on the UI (below) while it is busy transferring the files. When it's done, your files are in the Steam cloud.

If you switch to another device and log into Steam, it might sync the files at various points. It will definitely try to sync them when you press play - you will see the same spinning logo while it downloads them. When it is done, it has pulled the latest cloud files and the game will see them.

If you save on the second device, exit ONI once again, it will sync that latest save, and so on.


Hopefully that clarifies the way it works, which may help solve what you're seeing.


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