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Ice Flingomatic = summer automatic watering can

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What do you think about making an Ice Flingo behave like automatic watering can during summer?

I have some arguments to implement this:

1) Plants cannot smolder or burn if soil they planted on is wet.
2) Snowballs that IF throws are possibly melting into water during summer (otherwise how would they moisturize the withered grass tufts and saplings?), so they are theoretically can humidify our new farm plots
3) We already have a corresponding topic about farming automation, so this will be an another good step to it.
4) Farm plots reduce their water level faster in hot temperature, so you need to use some more of your time to keep plants wet.
5) This will reduce our routine work in general.

Why summer only? Because:

a) You almost always busy looking for food/clearing ruins/doing anything else far from your base to not accidentaly burn it down.
b) This is the hottest season in Don't Starve, which almost always passes without any rains.

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