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Bird Up

Correct the skin colors.

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Customizing skin combinations in this game is great, but the biggest annoyance is that the skin colors of each character is not corrected for the clothing item you want to use... There's loads of hand skins that are white, but you're playing Walter and the otherwise cool looking skin just looks really weird. Same annoyance goes for customizing other characters that are not colored white like wurt, wx78, warly, wortox, wormwood... etc.

I was very impressed with the shoe skin "Free Roaming Feet" because it corrects the skin color for every character. But as of now, it seems to be the ONLY skin to do this.


As you can see the "Free Roaming Feet" are color corrected, but

"Battlemaster's Legguards" are white by the thighs,

"Homebody Handrings" are white everywhere,

and "Pyrestarter's Dress" are white on the abdomen.

And these are only a few examples.

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