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Opening loading screen takes extremely long since cloud-saves

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if I click on "Load" in the main menu, it takes about 2-3 minutes until the window with my save files shows up. Cloud saves are not activated. The time it takes depends on the number of save files I have. It was much, much faster before the cloud update.

Any suggestions?



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Three things,

1) How big is the colony

2) How fast is your computer.

3) Is the colony you are trying to load a cloud save, and if so, how good is your internet connection?

My computer that I play ONI with has under 15 second loading times (with an early game base that is preparing to go into the oil biome, and just under half the map explored), with cloud saves, so I have no issues with the game loading colonies. It was the same before I moved all of my colonies to cloud saves.

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same here. It take a while before save option become available but I switched off steam cloud saves - my internet connection is not great (so it does not matter I tried save option turned on and off). It is not about savings - it takes moments - it is a time when you click on save and then option for saving appears. Probably something wrong with algorithm - when you click save and it loads the list of all saves but then it probably tries to synchronize with cloud even though the option is off. 

The colony is big - 3 planetoids developed plus 3 to be developed.

The comp is very fast. so it is not saving process but the algorithm to get to save files.

I click option - the menu appears momentarily - then I choose save (there are other options on the menu such as load, exit, etc.) - and here it takes minutes before a list of saves appear - then I choose a new name or from the list to overwrite and save itself takes seconds.


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