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Question of future

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Obviously these decisions are up to developers and they don't often comment on random micromanagement questions. However if we analyse their actions by now:

>Yes, they are very likely to add new Crock Pot recipes in the future. They have been adding new recipes in every single Return of Them update since Hook Line and Inker. It seems they are eager too add new recipes using new mechanisms or drops. Our recipe books were recently introduced to fish dishes (California Roll, Surf n' Turf, Seafood Gumbo), wobster dishes (Lobster Bisque, Lobster Dinner), leafy meat dishes (Beefy Greens, Veggie Burger, Leafy Meatloaf, Jelly Salad), barnacle dishes (Barnacle Pita, Barnacle Nigiri, Barnacle Linguine, Stuffed Fish Heads), grotto recipes (Mushroom Cake, Milkmade Cap, Amberossia), weed recipe (Soothing Tea). So basically expect new recipes involving new mechanics being introduced.

>No, they are very unlikely to add new Fruits or Vegetables if you mean actual crops. The game had the same crops forever, and finally Warly Rework added in six new vegetable crops. I think these crops are the ones they want to go on with, no new crops were added in the biggest agriculture rework just a days ago. But new Fauna and flora? Very likely, they have been doing so, it helps build an atmosphere. We got stone fruits, moon shrooms, kelp... even good old glow berries were given fruit status.

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