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  1. Good afternoon) I Play for Warly. Faced two bugs. 1 - went to the Volcano, left the pot there and came back down. In the inventory there was another, but the boiler, which remained in the Volcano, has not disappeared. 2 - problem with sea hounds and crocodiles. Sea hounds are still attacking. Or they were not replaced by Crocodogs? And the number of attacking Crocodogs is not stable. All the time uses just one, although it has 100 day. Thanks
  2. Good afternoon. Terribly falls fps in the game. I hope that the optimization will come soon, around December)) with best wishes P.S. Will update when it starts to drop FPS. When there are too many textures and objects, the Flying Hounds attack, the journey through the Jungle, as well as when the evening or night comes and the change of season or weather begins.
  3. 1. On the first day with an interval in a minute began to beat lightning in character. 2. On the eighth day, an unrealistically large number of bats descended. Then on the eleventh day even more bats, etc. 3. Was able to get out of the waterfall, thereby stuck there