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small suggestions: dupe scheduling, material drill down, bed/cot assignments

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Hey there,

A few small suggestions:

1. A separate visual and potential gameplay hierarchy for dupe schedules on different asteroids.

At the very least I'd like to see dupe schedules grouped by asteroid so it makes it easier to see how my schedules lay out per asteroid. A better version of that would be to have the ability to create multiple schedules for every dupe based on what asteroid they're on and have that apply automatically when they travel between asteroids.

2. Resource filter is great, but I'd still like to see it grouped

While being able to filter out the perm side display for resources is wonderful, it'd be nice to be able to group/sort those resources by means other than alphabetical. I'd be fine with there still being a grouping hierarchy like in base game but with filtering taken into account.

3. Auto-assign vacant cots on asteroid B for dupes that are assigned cots on asteroid A

Since a dupe that teleports to a new asteroid can't go to their 'assigned' cot without manual intervention of teleport, auto-assign them on a vacant cot on the new asteroid by default.

addendum. Put commas back into kcal

I've mentioned this before in a separate post, but figured I'd reinforce this here, I miss seeing 12,456,175 kcal rather than 12456175 kcal


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That's a great idea (first and third one). I'd also forbid going to the toilet that's in the rocket unless you're part of the crew. Because it makes me sad when a dude runs halfway across the map to "take a Richard" in the rocket when there's a decent toilet nearby. 

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